Help us Build a Better Food Community!

Berry Road Food Co-op is being built from the ground up, and that means there’s a ton of important work to do, so if you want to help, read more and sign up below!

Purchasing Committee: Our Purchasing Committee is getting under way, but we may need a few more volunteers to help out with the monumental task of both writing the Purchasing Policy to guide the Co-op’s purchasers on an ongoing basis, and helping to define the list of initial products for our opening shelves in June.  Also, we hope to have an online presence for the purchasing process, to help engage our members in purchasing decisions.  So if setting up a website area to include blog posts about requested or controversial products is something you’d be interested, sign up!

Interior Space Committee: We want our new Co-op to look awesome, so we’ll need the help of a cadre of handy and inspired people to design and help with interior decorating, painting, building shelves, picking and hanging artwork, and all that kind of fun stuff!  This Committee will also help design our modest stock space, so if anyone has experience with warehousing, please jump in!

Community Outreach Committee: We need inspired and creative people to help spread the word online and in the community about our opening in September!  If talking and meeting people is your thing, then please speak up!

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