Volunteer With Us

Berry Road Food Co-op is gearing up for our store opening and volunteers will play an important role in this preparation as well as in day-to-day operations. Below, we have outlined the many ways you can get involved; including Volunteer Assistant Program Roles, Volunteer Crew Roles and Committee Roles. Read on to see what interests you.


IMPORTANT: While the BRFC is still considered a construction site, insurance purposes requires that all visitors to the space to be members. This does not prevent anyone from volunteering if they are not members once the BRFC is open, however it is a strict requirement for anyone volunteering in the space prior to the store opening. We encourage all interested applicants to still apply!
Lifetime Memberships can either be purchased here for $10 or attendees can bring $10 to the door and complete a form prior to entrance. 
If any members face financial barriers to membership, please e-mail basmah@berryroadfood.coop and we can discuss other options.

Coming Soon!

Our 8000 sq/ft space at the Shoppes at Stonegate at 150 Berry Road is finally ours but we need your help to put the finishing touches on it! Come and volunteer with us and help build a store in an amazing community space.


Introvert, extrovert or someone in between, we have a volunteer opportunity for you. If you are looking to give back to your community, learn about local food and sustainability, top up your high school volunteer hours with a worthy cause, or just get out into the community and meet new people, we can find you a fun and rewarding task. Below are some of the opportunities where we have the greatest need.

Volunteer Assistant Program Roles

Our Volunteer Assistant program empowers participants in building valuable hands-on skills and experience in a focused and supported way. Volunteer Assistants will also earn a letter of reference, which they use to pursue future employment opportunities.

Following are Volunteer Assistant roles we are looking to fill:

Cashier Assistant

The Cashier Assistant is responsible for providing assistance with Berry Road Food Co-op’s in-store check-out procedures. Learn more about this role here.

*Correction: email volunteer@berryroadfood.coop

*Please title your email “Cashier Assistant.”

Produce Assistant

The Produce Assistant is responsible for maintaining Berry Road Food Co-op’s fruits and vegetables displays. Learn more about this role here.

*Correction: email volunteer@berryroadfood.coop

*Please title your email “Produce Assistant.”

Purchasing Assistant

The Purchasing Assistant is responsible for ensuring shoppers have access to a wide array of product offerings that adhere to Berry Road Food Co-op’s local and sustainable mandate. Learn more about this role here.

*Correction: email volunteer@berryroadfood.coop

*Please title your email “Purchasing Assistant.”

Social Media Assistant

The Social Media Assistant is responsible for creating digital content for the Berry Road Food Co-op. Learn more about this role here.

*Please title your email “Social Media Assistant.”


Inventory Assistant

The Inventory Assistant is responsible for providing assistance with Berry Road Food Co-op’s inventory in order to ensure optimal operating conditions and standards. Learn more about this role here.

*Please title your email “Inventory Assistant.”

Volunteer Crew Roles

Our Volunteer Crew program is more flexible and allows participants to choose their level of involvement by offering more casual, varied, and short-term opportunities.

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities that allow more flexibility and less commitment then consider joining our Volunteer Crew and helping out on a more casual basis.

Email us at volunteer@berryroadfood.coop or subscribe to our volunteer newsletter at the bottom of the page to be notified of future opportunities.

Committee Roles

We are also looking for volunteers to support our ongoing committee work. Learn more about our Community Outreach, Purchasing, and Interior Space Committees below.

Marketing and Communications Committee

Have a knack for graphic design and/or writing? With our opening coming soon, the Marketing and Communications Committee is looking for volunteers to help create digital content to share across our online platforms and engage and excite existing and potential members.

Purchasing Committee

Our Purchasing Committee is getting under way, but we may need a few more volunteers to help out with the monumental task of both writing the Purchasing Policy to guide the Co-op’s purchasers on an ongoing basis, and helping to define the list of initial products for our opening shelves in June.  Also, we hope to have an online presence for the purchasing process, to help engage our members in purchasing decisions.  So if setting up a website area to include blog posts about requested or controversial products is something you’d be interested, sign up!

Interior Space Committee

We want our new Co-op to look awesome, so we’ll need the help of a cadre of handy and inspired people to design and help with interior decorating, painting, building shelves, picking and hanging artwork, and all that kind of fun stuff!  This Committee will also help design our modest stock space, so if anyone has experience with warehousing, please jump in!

Volunteer email list

Fill in the info below AND CLICK VOLUNTEER: YES join our group of community volunteers!

Your phone number will help us contact you at the last minute in case of cancellation or rescheduling of a volunteer event.
Set to Yes if you wish to be a Volunteer and receive our Volunteer email callouts.

Joining this group means that you'll receive our Volunteer emails keeping you up to date on volunteer activies and events at Berry Road Food Co-op.

Other Ways to Support Us

There are many ways to support the co-op. If volunteering is not your vibe, maybe you will find one of the following ways to give back to your community more interesting.

Become a Member

Purchase a lifetime membership for only $10.00. You’ll get access to special deals, amazing workshops, and “a say” the products we stock.

Grocery Support Program

If you like what we are doing and want to contribute but don’t want to become a member, please consider participating in our Grocery Support Program with a one-time or monthly donation!

Corporate Sponsorship Program

Our 4 levels of corporate sponsorship allow you to choose the donation amount that fits your organization. Each level comes with a host of recognition opportunities that allows us to thank you in our community.