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Anyone can shop at the Co-op, but for a $10.00 lifetime fee you can be a part of our sustainable food community. 

So Many Great Reasons to Join

Anyone can shop at the Berry Road Food Co-op, but for a $10.00 lifetime fee you can be a part of our sustainable food community.

  • Members receive discounts on featured products every day they shop
  • Members shop for less on Member Appreciation Days at least once a month
  • Members have a say in Co-op Governance and can attend most Board and Committee meetings if they wish, as well as look at our Audited financial statements
  • Members can help out by participating in our Volunteer program
  • Members can sign up for our food related Community Education events
  • Members can participate in our In Season and Farm Direct programs to order meat and produce directly from local farmers

If you prefer to become a member offline, please download this form, fill it out, and mail it to us with a cheque, or bring the form and payment along with you to one of our events.

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Individual Memberships are life-time, but Organisational Memberships must be renewed annually. Buying a membership means you are legally a member of Berry Road Food Co-op, a multistakeholder cooperative incorporated in the province of Ontario under the Cooperative Corporations Act, and that you have the right to attend, vote, and elect or be elected a boardmember at Annual and Special General Meetings in accordance with our Bylaws.
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Other Ways to Support Us

There are many ways to support the co-op. If a direct donation to help kit out the store is not your vibe, maybe you will find one of the following ways to give back to your community more interesting.

Become a Founding Co-op Patron

Join our Founders’ Credit program in addition to becoming a member! Think of it as buying groceries from us in advance, because that’s exactly what it is. Purchase a $200.00 Founder’s Credit Program Co-op Voucher and redeem it when the Co-op opens and you begin shopping in-store. And as an extra thank you, when you use your Founders’ Credit at the till, we will give you a special discount of 15% off your bill as our way of saying thanks for supporting our community!

Grocery Support Program

If you like what we are doing and want to contribute but don’t want to become a member, please consider participating in our Grocery Support Program with a one-time or monthly donation!

Corporate Sponsorship Program

Our 4 levels of corporate sponsorship allow you to choose the donation amount that fits your organization. Each level comes with a host of recognition opportunities that allows us to thank you in our community.