Founders’ Credit Program

Buy one or more $200.00 Co-op Credit Vouchers, redeemable when you shop at the Co-op beginning at least six monthes after our doors open! We’ll even give you a special discount when you redeem your vouchers as our way of saying thanks for supporting our community effort.

Buy Some Founders' Credit!




Purchase a $200.00 Co-op Credit Voucher now and after the Co-op opens we will begin redeeming your voucher in monthly installments.  When we redeem a portion of your voucher it will show up as Co-op Credit on your membership, available for automatic at-till redemption the next time you shop with us!  And as an extra thank you, when you use your Founders' Credit at the till we will give you 15% off your bill!

If you like what we're doing, but the Founders' Credit program isn't for you, please consider becoming a lifetime Member for just $10.00 or participating in our Grocery Support Program with a one-time or monthly donation.

If you would like to contribute by cheque or e-transfer, please download this form, fill it out, and mail or email it to us.

Here are the legal details:

A membership is mandatory to participate in the Founders Credit program because only members can receive the Co-op Credit redemption. Founders' Credit vouchers will be redeemed in monthly installments starting six months after the Co-op’s doors open, with the monthly redemption rate determined by the Co-op's Finance Committee as indicated by the Co-op’s finances. Redeemed Co-op Credit will include a further 15% discount on your purchases when used. Unused Founders' Credit more than 12 months old (this is redeemed Founders' Credit that has been available for you to use for at least 12 months) will be redirected to other Co-op Credit programs to support low income access to BRFC’s healthy local food for all. Should BRFC have to wind up its affairs before Founders' Credit Vouchers have been fully converted, Founders' Credit participants will be considered to be Creditors and any residual funds will be distributed on a pro-rated basis.
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