Grocery Support Program

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, and one of the best ways to support people in need is to help ensure they have access to quality healthy food!

Berry Road Food Co-op's Grocery Support Program strives to do just that!  If you're a Co-op Member and you feel like contributing while you shop, you can sign up in the store to be a Grocery Support Program Contributor.  Program supporters know that when they purchase products with a purple price tag they will be charged an agreed-upon extra percentage when they check out.  That extra will be contributed to the Grocery Support Program. 

Co-op Members who have been identified as needing support by the Co-op's Community Partner Organisations can be enrolled as Grocery Support Program Supportees.  Supportees know that when they select products with green price tags they will receive a further substantial discount when they check out.

The more money contributed to the Grocery Support Program the more community members we can help, and that's where you come in!  Every penny donated on this page will go to making quality food more accessible to those who need it most!

If learning about what we plan to do to help our community inspires you to help us, please consider becoming a lifetime Member for just $10.00 or participating in our Founders' Credit Program to support us with the capital costs of opening our doors now in exchange for free groceries later!

If you would like to contribute by cheque or e-transfer, please download this form, fill it out, and mail or email it to us.

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