Date: Thursday March 26, 2020

Hi Everyone,

We’re all working towards flattening the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping all of us in the community as safe and healthy as possible.  As you’re no doubt aware, both the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto have declared States of Emergency towards this end.

Our mission at Berry Road Food Co-operative has always been to provide healthy and accessible food to everyone, and this mission is as important now as it was a few months ago.  Unfortunately, the timing on this is not ideal: construction on our store is unfinished, and we’re not yet ready to open our doors to the public. While grocery stores do meet the Government of Ontario’s requirements of an essential service, the construction of future grocery stores does not—which means work on our Berry Road Food Co-operative must, temporarily, be halted.

As such, the Berry Road Food Co-operative will be closed, effective immediately, and this closure will last until further notice.

Obviously this is not a step we wanted to take, or were hoping to see, but these measures will prevent putting ourselves, and others in our community, at risk of COVID-19 infection.  By shutting down and practising social distancing now, our Berry Road Food Co-operative will be able to open safely when these restrictions end.

We know this is very disappointing news—we’re disappointed too.  We’ll communicate any updates on this to everyone as soon as we have them. The easiest way to keep track of any changes is to follow Berry Road Food Co-op is here or through our social media: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Finally, we thank you for your understanding in this unprecedented time of pandemic.  The support we’ve received from our community has been amazing and we look forward to the brighter and healthier future that awaits us, just as soon as we’re able.



Berry Road Food Co-op

Better Food. Stronger Community.

Unlike many big name grocers, we’re owned by the people who shop in our store. That’s right, we are a not-for-profit grocery store that is owned and run by members. 

If you have shopped at Mountain Equipment Co-op, then you’ve experienced a co-op, except with canoes and snowshoes rather than fresh and delicious food.

At our co-op, we’re focusing on securing top quality food produced by farmers, bakers, cheesemakers and other growers and specialists across Ontario for our local community. In addition, we will stock a wide variety of products normally found in other grocery stores.

The store will also sell fresh and convenient “take away” meals and, to top it all off, we will also have a cafe!

You learn more about food co-ops by watching this video from our friends at Co+op: Stronger Together.

Own the Store for $10

You don’t have to be a member to shop at our store… but if you want lifetime access to special deals, amazing workshops, and “a say” in the products we carry and how we run things, we think $10 is worth it.


We’re busy securing amazing locally grown food and fantastic products for our members, kitting out the store interior and spreading the word in our community. We are gearing up for a Spring 2020 opening.


Would you like to contribute to your community, gain work experience, or top up your student volunteer hours? We have many great volunteer positions available from now to beyond opening. Learn More.